Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Do you develop all your own written content for promotions, web, proposals, business plans, standard procedures, and emails? Do you maintain your own accounting?  Manage your own website? Conduct your own marketing? Search for your own bids and grant opportunities?

Do you wish you had access to the training larger companies can offer,  tailored to the day-to-day concerns of your small business? 

As a small business, or a non-profit, you confront lots of make-or-buy decisions when it comes to business services.  What can you do yourself?  What expertise do you have to hire?

Help abounds, in your backyard!

Brevard County is home to a constellation of world-class, veteran trainers and instructors.  Just for you, the small business owner, we are now scaling the courses and instruction we have developed and presented to large organizations to meet your budget and schedule! Our one- and two hour training sessions are offered in small and convenient venues, and often overlap the lunch hour, so you can feel welcome to “eat and run.” Come join us! See our Upcoming Events tab. Contact us at